Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Years to All

Birding Jan 1st. Spotted four Snowy Owls in all, but this was the only one close enough to photograph. (this is a highly cropped photo) I figured I was getting pretty good at spotting them though have to chuckle cause a few times once images were downloaded and enlarged on the computer we find an owl we did not notice while out in the field. Guess there is more than one reason they are called the ghosts of the north.

I love seeing coyote almost as much as birds, though city folk tend to be afeared of them and some plea for eradication within the city limits. For me its a joy to know that there are some animals that do adapt somewhat to our sprawling characteristics. Mostly around here the coyote is skittish and has been difficult to photograph as they take to a run pretty quick. This ones curiosity got the better of him which enabled me to get a shot off when he briefly stopped.

A cool looking church window. The glass is blues and greens.

And here is a photo of my most recent completed project, our grandsons moccasins I made for Christmas. complete with polar fleece liners and a puppy button stitched on each one. They are made from traditional smoke-taned hide, sure smelt good working with it. I made them a bit too big so it may be a while before he fits them.

Happy New Year, may blessings of love, peace, brotherhood and sisterhood fill each and every heart. Hugs! 


Carol Blackburn said...

Oh, those moccasins are just so adorable, Tess. Stay warm!

Red said...

We see coyotes from less than 50 m. I think that's a little close.
Pretty talented when you can make moccasins. I still have my kamiks from Inuvik days. When I lived there I wore them often Since I've been here I've worn them once or twice.
All the best in 2012.