Thursday, May 24, 2012

More photos from the road-trip

It is so wonderful having readers correct when I miss-identify a bird. Thanks to John I re-looked through my five bird books then I ended up going on line this morning and found a downloadable four page "peeps identification". So corrections were made to last post.
 I love Gadwall's, they're subtle, soft looking and elegant.
 Post-hopping Meadow Larks. He would sit atop the fence and sing away then fly into the field and sing there then back to another fence post then back to the field, etc.

 Savannah Sparrow

 Not a clue as to who this is, but my does he camouflage well with the stubble.

 Blue-winged Teal showing his blue lapels.

Green-wing Teal drake and hen. Below photo shows the hens wing bars with green speculum flashing.

Northern Shoveler drake and hen. These ducks are easy to identify by their wide bills. They are surface feeders.

 Abandoned farmstead. I have heard that Vultures make nests in some of these old buildings and the way to tell is guano build up on the window sills.

 Mallard hen. 
I should have posted this in the last post with the male, oh well, she's here now.

 Coot, don't you just love those wonderful limey green legs. I need to post one that shows their feet, they are unbelievable.

I find I did get a female yellow-headed blackbird. 
I still have photos to edit as I took about 2000 shots, eee-gads thats a lot of editing.

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Red said...

Again you added mostly water species with some nice shots of sparrows. We rarely see meadowlarks here. Thanks for the show.