Friday, May 11, 2012

Of Wildflowers and Dreams

Jackies Wildflower Dream
acrylic, 5x5

This little 5x5 inch painting took a while to complete as I repainted the background three times. At first it was an abstract background with bold yellows. Well that proved too much for this wee bunny, so I over coated with dark blue, that too was overpowering. Once I settled for soft blue I then decided Jackie needed some wildflowers to sit amongst. Isn't she a delightful charm. 

One Prairie Aster began to pop its head from the cool earth to greet the morning sun only to have our resident Jack eat it back slightly lower than ground level. I may not ever see it grow but at least its being enjoyed. Next Asters definitely get planted in the back out of bunny reach, which reminds me we have to block the rabbit hole in the fence before my native sunflowers get found out. The joys of nature and planting Native plants is wonderful. We thought we were planting for the birds to find out that we are also planting for jackrabbits as well as native bugs and bees. So all in all its a wonderful learning experience; and I don't mind sharing the Asters as without a resident Jack or Jackie I would not have had the chance to paint their portraits.
Big hugs and may your life be blessed with the joys of blossoms Native to your abode.


Red said...

Your rabbit is mischievous looking and thinking about your asters. The rich orange in the bunnies coat shows everybody off much better.
What ? You don't have any bambis coming through your yard?

tess stieben said...

No red, no Bambi here, just a few Jacks eating the sweet grass and asters and resident robins. We did see a moose with young last week in Sherwood Park, kinda strange seeing moose in the city.