Thursday, April 26, 2012

Carries Sunshine Goat

I can finally post this painting that I did for my beautiful daughter-in-law.
Carrie's Sunshine Goat
Painted on 8x8 canvas in acrylic. 
We were graciously given an impromptu tour of a farm a few years back where they had a variety of goats, some of which were fainting goats. Is this a fainting goat, I think so but cannot be a hundred percent sure as the updated version of iPhoto cannot read notes from the older iPhoto. So I conclude that computers make more work, not save on workload. All my paintings and photos had pertinent info saved to the notes which transferred to the discs which this newer version cannot decipher. Photos come up but  titles, sizes, info is poof! So what I now propose I do is after photographing my work is to print out the image with all the pertinent info so that I have a tried and true method of saving information. Back to the basics of paper and pencil.
While in university I enrolled in a museum studies program and it was interesting to find out then that technology i.e. computer saving systems and retrievals have aptly lost much information due faulty disc, eroded discs, etc that at the time museums were going back to the quality method of pencil and paper, after all we know that good paper lasts a few hundred years.
Anyhow, back to Carrie's sunshine goat. I painted the goat amidst native prairie sunflowers as they are so cheerful. I just love the sunflowers. We planted some common native sunflower plants outside the back entry this year and I can hardly wait till they shoot up and pour forth blossoms. Last year while out photographing flowers at the Edmonton Naturalization Garden I noticed that Goldfinch love the seeds. So we also planted some in the back side yard where I like to sit. I was warned they spread quite well by tuberous roots so by the back entry we will need to put down some edging to keep them contained so I can plant some other flowers as well, but in the back side yard they can have their way.
have a wonderful day, hugs!

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Red said...

You caught the main characteristic of goats...curiosity. Goats are also bright and active so the yellow emphasizes these things.
good to see you on the blog again.