Thursday, May 2, 2013

Where oh where have I been?

Well I have been very busy as my husband and I are having an exhibition in Calgary in a few weeks.
Its pretty exciting to have a show with the man whom has been so super supportive to my artistic ways. He puts up with my overtaking the whole house with alternative art and sewing projects all the while just smiling and giving encouragement while ignoring the messes I make. Such a joy to share art and life with him.

Also I will have some paintings at...
In Edmonton next weekend. I am happy to be busy painting and showing my work.

Happy days, the sun is shinning, the birds though have been slow to come north but I don't blame them as we had snow three mornings this week. On monday eve we went for a walk and the rain/sleet started once again and lo what do we behold but a swan troupe dispenses from the cloud cover flying low looking for a spot to land to wait out the squall. 
Have a wonderful week, hugs!


Red said...

Good to see you post again. Good that you have a couple of art shows arranged.

Carol Blackburn said...

Well, congratulations to you Tess and Gerald. I hope everything goes smoothly and is a big success. :)

tess stieben said...

thank you, its enjoyable work.