Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Considering it was a long weekend the opening for the exhibition went well last month, sheesh how time flies. My sista Mary E made a bannock bouquet and saskatoon bannock for the opening. She is starting her own business called Bannock Bouquets which is really wonderful as she makes the best fry bread ever. Sharon, Wayne and the fantastic members of Emmaus Fine Art Group set out a wonderful table of varied foods, it is wonderful to have their support.

Dear ole friends Badger, Deb and Mary came to the opening and we had a wonderful visit. We don't get to see one another as often as I would like with living 3 hrs drive north of them.

Sharon presenting me and Gerald flowers on behalf of Emmaus Fine Art Group. (Gerald took the photo) 

Emmaus Fine Arts Group hanging the show. Gerald's work is fantastic on the brick wall.

The present series I am working on looked good hanging together.

Yahoo, those little red sold dots on the title cards look great, it keeps me in art supplies.
Thank you to all my friends and patrons, Emmaus Fine Arts Group and Bannock Bouquets for making this a wonderful opening for Gerald and I

The exhibition is up till June 14th @ The House Coffee Sanctuary, 126 10th st NW Calgary.
Big hugs to all.


Red said...

Good to see you post again. I thought maybe you had disappeared. Congratulations on a good show and selling some of it.

tess stieben said...

Been pretty busy Red. Have not had much time to post. Probably get back into it more in the fall as this is now our research and photo gathering time. We had a picnic at Kerry Woods on saturday and saw the Grebe nest by the viewing ramp.