Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Grand vacation; The Bear Tale of exploring BC in comfort.

Hello all, well it has been one fantastic summer for my sweetie and I. We took the plunge and bought a used truck and trailer to travel through BC for six weeks, whoo-hoo! It was the best camping experience, I am still savouring the thrill of not having to battle mosquitoes all night long. Oh how I love our little trailer, it's nice to have a bit of comfort at our age. We are not extravagant people, we go out camping cause we like to hear the frogs and early birds sing as we waken, the trees creak an talk with the breeze, and gentle licking waves upon the shore, so no tv or radio for us, just pure nature.
Face to face; and speaking of face to face with nature, my sweetie got to meet this fella face to face with about five feet of air, very still air between them when he was getting the trailer ready to hook up to the truck.  Gerald jumps into the trailer motioning hands while speaking to me yet no sound is emitting. "what" I say and read his lips as he repeats soundlessly while pointing that there is a bear outside. Excitedly "where" say I promptly opening the screen door of the trailer, "o-there" and quickly close the screen then attempt to take this shot.
The photo is blurry cause he was that close as I excitedly take a shot through the doorway of the trailer, what an adrenaline rush.
 We waited till he moved on a few campsites away then took a few shots with telephoto lens as we did not want to add stress to a scrawny hungry bear. With due diligence we stopped by the info booth at the entrance to Wells Gray Park to inform them of the bear as I believed it to be a young hungry Grizzly but staff said the ears were too big so this was a cinnamon black bear as the Grizz are at higher elevation this time of year but I believe it to be a young grizzly as it does have a shoulder hump and light color claws.
Anyone out there have an opinion as to identity?
Have a great day all and big bear hugs to ya!


Red said...

Good to see you post again and that your heart can take a shock like a bear looking in your trailer. Nice one.

john said...

Good to see a new post from you. What an exciting encounter with the bear. I have no doubt that it is a beautiful Cinnamon Black Bear. Grizzlies have a different head shape and color, with smaller ears.
I look forward to seeing more photos from your camping trip.