Tuesday, August 27, 2013

2 days and 2 bears in wells gray provincial park

We saw a traffic jam up the road and I noted this wee fella munching along the roadside so I stuck my camera out the window and took a shot and glad I did as a moment later he vanished into the dense underbrush. Taken with a 300m prime lens, this is a highly cropped image. 

Brilliant color dew-dropped blossoms greet us in the park.

Now back to our previous mystery bear.
The shoulder hump seems very defined, that and the light color claws is why I gauged this to be a young grizzly. I have seen many black bears of all colors, grew up around them though never saw one with such hump definition or such a defined face profile. I now wish I had closely checked the foot imprints in the dirt to see how they looked.

poster identity profiles taken from fish and wildlife site http://www.fws.gov/pacific/lawenforcement/Sam%20Stuff/Aug%202009.html

Characteristics of a Grizzly Bear


Red said...

I'm no expert but I do like your photos.

Carol Blackburn said...

Hmmmm, give these guys a wide berth.