Friday, September 13, 2013

further down the road

ok this is the second time I have written a lengthy post with numerous photos that took hours to compile that supposedly saved that has vanished. I am becoming frustrated with blogging, it seems when I  go back later its vanished. Grrr!!!!!
Not sure if and when I will post again on this blog though I will keep up postings of my art work on


Carol Blackburn said...

Hey Tess, sorry to hear you are having blog problems. I've had the feeling like I'd like to chuck it all from time to time too. You probably notice that I blog a lot less these days. Just can't fully give it up though because of all the great people I enjoy connecting with. Here's hoping things get better. :)

Red said...

Sorry to hear about your loss. I have had other people post about the same thing only to have it reappear. I hope yours turns up.