Sunday, September 29, 2013

I am missing writing

I realize that the experience of writing a blog started out so that I would keep my hand in writing even if it be ever so little. So here I go again, starting small, no major essays, just noting what ever I so choose at the time.

Did a few hours of volunteer work at the Muttart Conservatory today with Edmonton Naturalization Group. (ok the blog is already telling me its having trouble saving my content, so this post will be short)
Floral Train outside the Muttart Conservatory, photo by G Delorme.
Have a wonderful week!


Red said...

Muttart would be a cool place to volunteer.

tess stieben said...

It was pretty packed with people as it was a free day to get in. I tried to view the displays after my volunteer shift was over but with being in pain I just could not handle the standing around as peoples slowly inched through the display rooms. But I really enjoyed the volunteer work out in the main hall and talking with people one on one. Hugs!

john said...

Tess, I miss your more frequent posts. Whenever I try to add a photo to a post, I get the warning that blogger cannot save or publish the post. I ignore it and keep going. Sometimes I have to hit publish several times at the end of a post before it actually publishes.
Do you have posts disappear before you can finish them?

tess stieben said...

hello John, yes twice I wrote a lengthy post with images regarding travel around BC this summer and one post disappeared altogether when I went to publish it and has never reappeared. The other post when I went to publish kept saying I still had unsaved edits after I had pressed publish so I hit save again and thought it was published but it also disappeared forever it seems.

tess stieben said...

It seems also that when I wrote and saved so as to finish and publish later in the week that when I closed out of blogspot the post vanished never to be found upon reopening to edits. so frustrating an endeavour so I am not sure why all these strange problems recently.