Thursday, October 10, 2013

3 year project coming to a close

I have been working for three years on an undisclosed project which has been accepted into an Exhibition at the Gallery of St Albert for march-april of 1014. I am pretty excited as it has an ecological theme around birds, or lack thereof. Anyhow I am going to keep you all in suspense till the unveiling in the new year. What I will say is its sculptural rather than paintings and I will post images once the show is up, so stay tuned. Presently I am working on handmade plinths for some of the pieces as there is a certain way I wish some to be viewed rather than on gallery style stands.

So with that being said I am also in the thinking and planning stage of a new possibly three year project, this one though will not be so secretive and as I may well be venturing into totally new to me media that I believe it may be fun to document my progress and or frustrations through the blog. So once again stay tuned as there is more to come...

Enjoy your weekend. These two are safe as its turkey time again. 
Happy thanksgiving one and all.

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Red said...

Hey secrets are always a nice surprise. Congratulations on your upcoming show and good luck on your next three year project.