Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Images from the past Fragile Elements exhibition and... Blessings.

 Alberta Tarsands Goose on display at the Art Gallery of St Albert March & April 2014.
A visual statement pertaining to the destruction of wildlife due corporate greed.

Explaining to a patron of the arts why I chose to build over 120 nests that no bird will ever nest in.  Our man-made plastics pollute. Plastic bags, fishing line, balloons bits, etc add many unnecessary deaths each year as well as desecrate our soil, waterways and air.

On a brighter note we went to check out the exhibition at the train station in St Albert at the Grain Elevator Museum, can you guess who's work is on display?
We had a wonderful tour by a young gentleman who works there, sorry no photos as I left my camera in the vehicle, this photo courtesy of my sweetie.

An etching I did some years back dedicated to a great Leader, Elder and teacher, Morris Crow. 
Blessing to his family. Blessing to this Earth for all the nourishing bounty she gives us. Blessing to  Water for liquid nourishment that sustaining us. Blessings to the Air for clearing our minds and lungs. Blessings to all our relatives, the animals of earth, the winged ones, the finned ones, and even the ones so tiny we cannot see, for all together we are community. All together we are related and connected to one another.

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Red said...

It's a real rush to see your own creations on display. it must be like seeing a part of yourself.