Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Playing catch-up, Dinosaur Provincial Park

My intent of posting photos from camping areas this summer has already gotten a bit behind as I realized I have yet to post photos from Dinosaur Park and Emerson Bridge where we camped June long weekend.
Dinosaur Provincial Park.
From atop the Prairies looking down into the carved out canyon of the Red Deer River system.
Many dinosaur fossils have been uncovered in this area, but old bones don't call out to me, what does though are the fascinating carved structures and the bright, almost glowing orange lichen encrusted rocks and the subtle variations of sandstone.

 Lark Sparrow

 As having a passion for sculpture, viewing the sculptures of Creation is breathtaking.

 One of the many small blossoms of spring in the desert, though we were too early for cactus blooms.

 Variation in coloration to delight the senses.

 Swallowtail Butterfly

 Meadowlark hilltop performance.

 Typical scrub brush for the dry desert area.

Stand-alone formations. There is a neat pyramid rock in the badlands but we were getting hungry for supper and headed back to our camp at Emerson Bridge so didn't get the chance to go visit it. There is a campground at Dinosaur Provincial Park down by the river but I don't do well in the heat and it was getting quite warm already when we visited the park in June. The campground looked pretty full when we were there so I was happy to be camped elsewhere in the shade of the big cottonwoods as I enjoy solitude and quiet.

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Red said...

Oh, I can tell there will be paintings and sculptures come from this trip. The badlands have endless shapes and colors.