Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Emmaus Group Opening at The House Sanctuary, Calgary Alberta

The spread for the opening was bountiful, there were a few hungry who came in off the street who were able to fill the empty spot with great food provided by the group, songs that moved listeners to tears sung by Naomi, and paintings to soothe the eye and soul. All in all one of the most moving openings I have attended.
The House is an outreach cafe run by the Alliance Church and I have to say that Pastor Derrik and the staff have accomplished well being in the community of Kensington and have helped street people regain their dignity and worth. It's wonderful when lives can be altered by a few kind words, or a cup of coffee and a wee bit of help.

I was inspired to photograph the exhibition book, and a dear friend took a snap of me with my painting. I love that the EXIT sign is boldly noticeable, just one quirky thought in how the exhibition title is "From Death to Life". I would have liked to show the exhibition but I forgot to ask artists permission to use their art on my blog.
We spent the weekend with my son, his lady and my soon to be born grandson, I am so excited to be a Kookum soon.

Heading north it was wonderful to spot migrating eagles. Saw 6 eagles and 2 hawks, which of course I had to have my trusty chauffeur stop so I could photograph them, its a good thing the man has a lot of patience.
I believe this is a Rough Legged Hawk.

Had to share this one of the Eagle cresting the tree-line. I find watching raptors to be exhilarating. I read that the term raptor comes from latin, literally meaning seized, given I presume with regards to how hawks catch their prey. Eagles on the other hand are also opportunistic scavenger birds who clean up the riverbanks during spawn and roadside dead. We saw an eagle scavenging dead cows in a farm field along with crows and ravens and further on we saw two eagles on a roadside deer carcass. On the opposite side of the highway two hawks were skillfully flying on the spot, which I call sky dancing, as they searched for prey below.

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