Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Looking for the Migrants

On saturday my friend took me out for a drive around Camrose to see what migratory birds have arrived.
Many Prairie ponds have dried out which is not a good prospect for the ducks and marsh birds soon to be arriving en-masse. The ponds that have water are still frozen over or partially froze.
 Canada Geese are making their way north. We saw small flocks here an there but no major flocks. Most we spotted were a few pairs. I am not sure if the one pair geese are lying low because of our presence, mating ritual, or keeping low so the wind blows over them.
Trying to hold their own against the harsh wind the Pintail and three Mallards would take a few steps, slip and lunge forward on the ice, rest and shortly thereafter take a few more steps towards the reeds. The buffeting wind shook the car as though trying to dislodge it inhabitants and the turbulence would swirl in the window catching my camera lens. Not exactly good photography weather, but it was wonderful being able to eat our sandwiches and be thankful we are not having to brave the elements like the ducks. 
Flock of European Starlings, an introduced species to North America which seemingly seems to prosper regardless of conditions. Within this flock a Redwinged male blackbird was seen to flash its brilliant red and yellow wing badges, but alas, no clear shots to post of it.
And to finish off the tour, we found two Ravens playing Raven Hop. ah how I love these cunning and playful birds. They seem to love the wind.

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john said...

Delightful signs of the coming Spring. I have yet to see the first Canada Goose up my way. It is always such a delight to see them. Some people have been seeing a few swans.