Monday, December 6, 2010

I love books

 We stopped by the thrift store yesterday where I was tickled to find a few books in excellent condition; in fact Nightmares in the Sky has never been read by the look of it. The Photographic Encyclopedia of Birds is my first book about world-wide bird species so I shall be able to read up on birds from across the globe as well it gives expanded detail about species common to my area of Alberta, more-so than my bird identity books reveal. Its exciting to gain this valuable resource for my ever growing library.
 Birds of Canada is full of drawings by Robert Morton and paintings by Maurice Pledger and Trevor Boyer such as the two following images. I shall really enjoy reading these as much as studying of the art work.

The paintings are sumptuous.
Well I am off to peruse.
May your heart and words be light as a feather.


john said...

Old bird books are so wonderful. Once I was given an old bird book and when I opened it, there was an old letter written by a soldier in WW11. It was addressed to the Arcata Audubon Society, thanking them for taking him on a wonderful field trip while he was in the area on leave from the war.
The greatest of all old bird books is, Wild America, written by James Fisher and Roger Tory Peterson. The book is a recounting of a 1953 trip that Roger hosted for British ornithologist James Fisher. They started in Newfoundland, made their way down to the Florida Keys, across the deep south, deep into Mexico, through the southwest, up the west coast, ending in the Pribilof Islands in Alaska. It details what North America was like in 1953. It is truly great literature. Much has been lost since that time, but the best of it has been preserved. Look for that book, it will change your life for the better.

teresa stieben said...

Thank you for sharing this information, I will see if I can find this book.