Sunday, December 19, 2010


I found I was spending way too much time doing way too little attempting to learn photoshop elements. So this week I bought myself a photoshop book and am now happily learning to play and paint with pixels.  I took a photo of my grandson that his mom sent me, added fish characters around him and printed it out and framed it for them. I am so happy I got to see my little sweetheart today as they were in the city.

Tonight I painted an angel with pixels.
The angel looks a little pouty, it must be reflecting me as I am missing my grandson already.
Big hugs to all.


Red said...

Keep on pixelating! For your first try it looks pretty good to me. Thoughtful eyes!

teresa stieben said...

Thank you, it has been a challenge though as I learn more it becomes enjoyable rather than frustrating. I have some special projects in mind for multi-media works that will combine photography, pixels and hands on paint.