Tuesday, December 28, 2010

more photoshop play

This is a digital collage I completed tonight using 3 of my photos and manipulated them; its like using scissors and glue without the mess.
I'm starting to grasp a few techniques with photoshop. Still nowhere near where I need to be to accomplish my artistic goals, though each days play inches me a little further along. I picked up a brand spanking new book from the library that has guided exercises for photoshop elements 6 but I'm thinking that these projects were designed on a PC as I get through portions of the exercises and then get stuck. Not being able to complete the required task the way its set out in the book as steps seem to be missing I persevere and find a simpler or alternative way to complete the task. In all fairness the author does set a disclaimer at the start that one should know some photoshop basics, and, well I am learning the basics as I go.


john said...

Your digital art looks real good and shows that computer generated art has a place at the artistic table. I must admit that I respect paint and brush so much more. Maybe it's just hard for an old dog like me to adapt to new realities.

Red said...

You really got my attention on this one. I had to make it larger to see what was going on. I've been following a blogger who does wild stuff to his photos...really interesting. Go to http://peterstew.blogspot.com/

teresa stieben said...

Adapting to "new realities" is an obstacle I have decided to overcome, as like you John I also prefer tactile paint and paper. I have to admit I am enjoying the learning experience and am realizing that I can over-do painting with pixels as easily as I can overdo traditional painting.

Yes Red it is hard to see it all clearly unless you clik the image to enlarge it. I hope the size I have chosen to post shows the detail enough.

Thank you both for your comments, hugs.