Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy New Year, Light up my life, yours too.

We went to candy cane lane last night to check out the lights display and I, more learned than last year was able to take some manual night shots of the displays.
 Last years attempt to capture these nativity figures  ended with fuzzy washed out images, this year shows much improvement, though a wee bit washed out the images are not bad for hand held.
I don't know how many years these have been on display but one of the wise men seems to have lost his gift.
It almost looks like he is searching the snow for it with his lit lantern.

 The church window that overlooks the nativity mannequins.

 Another church had an ice sculpted Nativity
 and another church had this lights Nativity. 


 Sweet country style house, notice the painting under the door eve.
 I did not take a lot of photos as many houses had a trim of lights and those monstrous blow-up walmart special plastic decorations", UGH!

 I prefer handmade painted time and effort produced joy and cheer. 
The most original one, real snowmen surfers, look out for the snow shark.
 All following images are of one house, fantastic, the joy of the night.
 This house is not on candy cane lane, its in S. Edmonton and its a fantasy marvel of lights.
 Cinderella's chariot?
 These flowers alternated being lit so they looked like falling flowers.
 Palm trees and flamingos in the snow, brr.
 Gingerbread people, yum!
 Reindeer dancing in the sky. As the reindeer revolve the tree behind lights upward in varying degrees and colors, magical.
 Ye Olde Toy Work Shop, there is a chute coming out of the roof bearing presents down to a waiting sleigh.
 Here is the sleigh.


Red said...

I've never visited Candy Cane Lane. Thanks for giving me a tour.Some of these people go to an amzing amount of work. As you say some are far more creative than others. Thanks. Happy New Year.

Carol Blackburn said...

Lovely lights, Teresa...thanks for sharing your beautiful scenery. Wishing you and yours a wonderfully prosperous and blessed new year.