Tuesday, January 18, 2011


About a week ago I mentioned learning to paint with pixels and working on a mixed media piece similar to Kykkotissa. Here is the finished work appropriately titled "LOVE".

It seems since becoming a grandmother that the mother and child image has become ever special and endearing, sentiments of age and continuity; maybe.

This is a pixel painting which is pigment printed onto quilters photographic cotton, coated with two coats of acrylic gel, accent stitched by machine. I then built the fabric frame around the image and added antique buttons, ribbon and fringe. Completed with a "LOVE" brooch bought at a church sale last fall.
I find quiet enjoyment creating these mixed media pieces and what better way to recycle old buttons and use up odds and ends of material from my past sewing adventures.



Red said...

Interesting what is used to produce art. It seems to expand the creativity when you have media which allows you more options.

-Don said...

"Love" is really cool! Isn't it so fun to try new ways of expressing our creativity?

I'm curious how large this ended up being. And, did you print it on your own printer or have to take it somewhere?


teresa stieben said...

Nice to hear from you both.
Don the piece is 25x10 inches. I have a canon pro9500 pigment printer that I purchased for doing this type of play. I have found it extremely expensive to use as its literally a PIG on ink. I sunk about a grand in to this beast and 6 moths after I bough it they had a special half price sale on them, grr, don't it just figure. Sure prints nice though.