Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Rain, Ruddy Ducks and Red Deer

Whirlwind trip, we drove to Calgary friday arriving later in the day than intended to collect my paintings that were displayed at The House Coffee Sanctuary. Presently an Emmaus Art Group exhibition "Town and Country" is hanging in which I have two paintings, an llama and a rooster and as Gerald was invited to show he has two archival pigment printed photos displayed. One image is the peaked roof portion of an old barn, and the other of an abandoned chair inside a derelict house. My favourites the old chair as many stories could be wrought out of that image.

We happily spent what was left of the afternoon visiting our sweet little grandson. In the evening we briefly took in a group art exhibition with a dear friend, enjoyable company and wonderful art and artists present but I could not stay as the incense burning gave me a raging sore throat, ouch! a salt water gargle fixed that all up and by saturday my throat was fine. Once again there was not enough time to meet up with old friends as I've been planing on; hopefully third trip be the charm.

Early saturday we headed north through pouring rain that at times obliterated vision into greyness beyond twenty feet to deliver paintings to Kerry Wood Nature Centre in Red Deer. As a note of interest the Centre now has Alberta Museums designation, how cool is that, my first exhibition in a museum art gallery. The exhibition runs from friday June 24th to August 1st. Artist in attendance July 9th 2-4pm.

Surprisingly though mosquitoes didn't seem to mind the downpours, to our amazement when we opened the vehicle window to photograph a Ruddy duck just north of Red Deer we got swarmed.
Purple Finch, male.
 Wet little finches enduring the rain perch near the seed feeders at Kerry Wood Nature Centre.
 Purple Finch, female.
 In the wildflower garden at Kerry Wood, I took a quick snap of orchids amid rain drops, they are so beautiful.
Dandy Mr Ruddy duck was doing the head pumping be-bop-bob water-strut with his tail straight up to entice the female, ooh-la-la, isn't he magnificent with the bright baby blue bill. 
The female scurried past fast and into the reeds. Look at those rain drop splashes.

Venturing Northward finally the sun broke through so we detoured to Talbot Lake, Leduc to take advantage of the rays and check out birds along the boardwalk. Timing was perfect, we got in a small walk and some fab photos before storm clouds chased us on our way. 
I will post Talbot Lake images in a few days.  
Hugs; the gift of giving and receiving thats plentiful and ageless.


Red said...

You got some great shots of nature in Red Deer. There are yellow lady slippers in the sanctuary along the Wishart trail in a number of areas. The garden at the Nature Center is a real treasure.

tess stieben said...

I am looking forward to walking the trails when we come down July 9th for the artist in attendance at Marjorie Wood Gallery. Do you think orchids will still be in bloom then?
Hugs, the gift of sharing!