Friday, June 24, 2011

Talbot Lake Leduc

As promised here are images taken at Talbot Lake along the nature trail boardwalk. 
Grackle scratch. Ohhh, feels so good!
Now this is interesting as when we first walked the boardwalk I spotted Momma and eggs that are precariously close to tumbling into the lake. When we walked the board walk a second time...
we see what seems to be two nests, one back a bit in the reeds, and where is Momma?
Here she is, nestled amongst reeds slightly to the left of all these eggs. Now I am wondering if all these eggs is what they call a dump nest of non-viable eggs?

 What a lucky duck to have this glorious view! 
This is the water in front of where momma duck is sitting, gives alternative meaning to "dump nest".

And back to glimpses of nature. This beauty posed on the railing for me. Love the colors.
 Wet, wet wet weeds.
As this dark cloud was rolling back in we scurried back to the van racing the raindrops. 
And a little sun to balance out the rain.


Carol Blackburn said...

Wonderful photos, Tess. Thanks for the education about dump nests, I had no idea.

Red said...

Excellent shots of not just birds but what they are doing. Like the ducks nest.

tess stieben said...

Carol I recently read about dump nests, some have been found with up to 40 eggs from differing duck species in them, though the article did not give reason as to why this happens.
Thanks Red, I hope to post more active shots as my camera seems to be working properly without shutter lag, meaning I now have better chance to capture bird movements such as the grackle scratch.