Tuesday, June 14, 2011

St Albert Art Walk

My paintings displayed in the window of the Art Gallery of St Albert extension studio for the month. The Art Gallery of St Albert is a wonderful public gallery run by the most amazing friendly and informative people who really rock.
I was excited to be invited to take part in the galleries art walk event this month, sadly I was ill and not able to attend and paint on location as planned; the good thing is though I was absent my art was displayed in the studio and the paintings were a big hit with viewers. Four of my paintings are on display until July.

Its a wonderfully busy month. The Calgary exhibition was extended one week and the Red Deer exhibition begins next week so transporting art from one venue to the next is the main theme of this upcoming weekend. I am grateful for my hubby for all the art transporting he does for me. The exhibition in the Marjorie Wood Gallery at Kerry Wood Nature Centre opens on June 24th and goes till aug 1st.

Big Hugs, a hug shared is a hug received!


Carol Blackburn said...

My you sound like a busy lady. Lots of luck with the show.

-Don said...

I accept your hug and reciprocate...

How exciting to have your work displayed for everyone who walks by to see. I'll bet it draws people into the gallery to get a closer look - I know it would me.

Have fun!


tess stieben said...

Thank you both. Yes I am busy and loving it, I do need to find new places to show though as I keep creating. The showcase does bring people in and has been receiving positive feedback which is wonderful for me and the gallery. Hugs!

red said...

Good to hear when you're coming to Marjorie Wood. When are you hanging the show or does someone else hang your show?
I missed this post before and noticed it as I was scrolling through.