Saturday, February 11, 2012

country adventure

We watched Raven fly in and pick something from the field, which I thought may have been a mouse or vole.
Looks to me though that a farmer has lost his muffin.

Tractors at John Deer Heaven
Love how nature can take back as this tree growing through tractor spokes.

Touch of Red against the blue like a single note.

Ah the weight of the world carried by women, there could be a whole lot said for this sculpture but I shall leave the stories for others to weave.

Years ago an artist friend told me you have truly become an Albertan when you photograph cows. I laughed and questioned who would want to photograph a cow.  Joke is on me as I could not resist.

Donkeys though are different I have photographed them, painted them and thoroughly enjoyed watching them as they are so sweet looking.

A fly-bye shot along the Whitemud. 
Hells bells those are silver balls. Now whoever had the lame-brain idea that this would be a great place for public sculpture? Presently they are dirty from road splash and have a security fence around them as rumour has it some intriguing minds collaborated with fast hands and agility and built a snowman atop these balls. Now I wish I had seen that.
I'm all for sculpture if its placed in an appropriate location. I guess Edmonton has to keep up with Calgary which also has an ill-placed sculpture on Stephen Ave walking mall. Now I do love the tall sculpture on Stephen Ave which though would far better be placed in an open field as the ave is a pedestrian walk way so in winter when these large sculptures become a hazard due falling ice the area gets cordoned off for public safety.  Hmmm, sometimes it seems not enough forethought is put into arts sites regarding safety. I wonder how badly the sunlight reflects off all these shiny balls into driver eyes? 

Personally I feel sculptures like this are better suited away from freeways and placed where they can be enjoyed. I wonder how many people shake their heads and state its just a bunch of shinny ball bearings of all sizes, or maybe marbles, oh look Tootles, here are your marbles.

Enjoy, smile and laugh.


Carol Blackburn said...

Lots of wonderful shots and an great blog, Tess. Hope things are good with you.

Red said...

I looked at the John Deeres and thought, "They were never red." But I guess some of them rust to pieces.
I think you have new theme...cows.
I have seen a raven with golf balls.
Enjoyed your post.