Thursday, February 2, 2012

Exhibition hung at Milner Gallery, Edmonton

Its been a busy month preparing for this exhibition as Gerald and I built designer frames for some of the paintings. On the far wall the Pelicans have a mapped frame which took many hours of collage to complete, what was I thinking, lol. It looks good and adds a new dimension to the painting so thats what matters. I did not re-price so who-ever buys during this exhibition gets a fantastic deal for their money.
In the showcases to the left an artist has covered canvas with postage stamps and three of her works also have maps under the postage stamps which I find interesting as I used alberta maps and rice paper on three designer frames.
This space is larger and more spread out than I envisioned.
 Gerald did a great job in hanging the show and also took these photos as my camera was at home. The three paintings in the recessed areas all have new black frames which we took to a framer to build.
I realize I still need to take close-up photos of the pieces with designer frames as the frames took a lot of time and work to complete and have essentially become part of the art.
This exhibition of eleven paintings is up for the month of February at the downtown Milner Public Library in the Milner Gallery which is between the library and Starbucks.
Big hugs to all, may your day be blessed with birdsong.


Carol Blackburn said...

Those look wonderful, Tess. Congratulations on your exhibit.

john said...

Is the rice paper you mentioned the same stuff that is used to make Thai fresh rolls?
It's a good looking exhibit, and I hope you make many sales. I sold one today, so I wont starve this month.

Red said...

I like the statement "the frame becomes a piece of the art." I hadn't thought of that before. Looks like a good show.