Wednesday, February 22, 2012

A most amazing talented young leader

Ta'Kaiya heralds from my neck of the woods. I have found that she is the daughter of an old classmate.

A most amazing young leader and inspirational speaker and singer. This is a must see, very moving.

In an interview Ta'Kaiya speaks of how the people were displaced from their traditional gathering grounds and that a pulp and paper mill built in Powell River caused decimation of sea and land life. I grew up there and believe this to be true. One of my aunties made a story board with shells showing the variety of shells she had gathered on the beach, I am not sure of the dates but it was when the Mill was fairly new, then when I was in high school she was asked to make another and found less than half of the original shells, they just were not to be found. Did one mill contribute to the decline of half the shell fish species in the area?

When we were young we could collect clams, mussels and oysters to eat, the sea was a generous buffet. By the time I was in my early twenties signs began appearing in areas where we collected stating the shell fish were tested and found toxic. At times there were red tide blooms which made shell fish inedible, then toxic pulp and paper waste, feces and garbage was pumped into our sea. Then add toxic "Atlantic Salmon" fish farms to the mix (if its labeled Atlantic it is toxic fish grown in small pens fed antibiotics, these fish are carrier of fish lice and disease)  Fish were never meant to be penned in small cages. These farms pollute and spread disease to wild fish, its a known fact yet fish farms still exist. Now deaths are being attributed to diseased fish. Have we gone too far? I believe so. We have destroyed at an amazing rate and must change our ways. Ta'Kaiya is a wonderful spokesperson I pray officials in government and industry would listen, really listen and take heed to what she has to say. Has it not been said that a child shall lead the way.

Think about it, what effects your foods effects for body. Are you dining on man-made mutant spawn or Creations wholesome and natural foods.

Hugs and do please share Ta'Kaiya video.


Red said...

Rather sad story about what we have done to our planet. I haven't been back to the lake I fished as kid. I'm afraid the fish might not be edible and they were so good in the 40's and 50's.

john said...

A different perspective on the same issue of salmon farming. Alaska commercial, and sport fishermen are very angry at Canadian fish farms for spreading parasites, pollutants, and diseases to wild salmon in Alaska. They cannot understand why Canada permits this practice to continue.
On another front, a disease from cat feces is spreading to Sea Otter populations, and killing them.
It's all very disouraging, and it's the government's job to prevent private industry from destroying the environment. I guess we need to howl long and loud until they hear us.