Wednesday, March 19, 2014

As the snow recedes

 We took a walk along the river sunday and the only ducks we saw was one mallard
 and one goldeneye.
 A nest, though not sure who built it.

 As there is still a bit of snow a few people were getting in some cross country skiing.

As the snow recedes and the ground thaws the buds of spring burst forth with new life; except in Alberta its old waste that sprouts with reckless abandon. 
 A sorry commentary that as the snow disappears we find ourselves ankle deep in a waste dump. Everywhere there is garbage, plastics, paper, tins and cigarette butts in the street gutters, along the fences that bound the sidewalks, all through the kids playgrounds. Plastic bags flutter from bare trees. We are a society of rubbish. Its All Rubbish!

Whatever happened to public pride, whatever happened to using trash cans rather than just tossing garbage in the streets. We are a sorry bunch for sure.

And on a more pleasant note the Boreal Chickadees, which are one of my favourite winter birds have been about lately. 


Red said...

Good rant! In Alberta we can do anything. We can rip up and destroy the whole province so some fat cats from some other country get rich. We are left with nothing but an eye sore.

Carol Blackburn said...

Hi Tess, so glad you have some Spring showing up although flowers would be better than trash. I sense your frustration at this and totally agree with you. We live on a nice country road and someone who lives out passed us tosses out their cigarette packs and McDonald's fast food cartons near our house before they get home. I'd like to collect it all for a month then go by their house and dump it out for their family to see. They are lucky I don't know who it is. Well, the weekend is approaching fast and I hope you are feeling well and get to enjoy it. We had another foot of snow last night and more is due tomorrow night. I'm officially hibernating. LOL