Monday, March 31, 2014

new wonderful artistic adventures

Hubby and I took a whirlwind trip to Calgary on saturday to deliver two pieces for the Emmaus group exhibition at The House Coffee Sanctuary.  Sorry we forgot to take photos this time, oh well, it was great to see friends and spend time with loved ones as thats what matters most. We arrived back home at one am sunday morning, so were we ever tired all day.

Today hubby drove me to Colour Blind, its a store where I've the opportunity to do a storefront exhibition. We met the wonderful manager and I must say it feels like a great match as she is excited about my work and I'm excited to do the installation, wow. Feels soooo good!
I will try and remember to take and post some installation shots when we set up in april for those who are too far away to visit.

Such a timely adventure as I have about 50 nest pieces showing at The Art Gallery of St Albert and I will have other nest pieces showing at Colour Blind, now how cool is that. First we will set up the nest pieces then the store merchandize will be arranged around the theme, I am so excited.

Here is a teaser...


Red said...

These are good things to hear. Yes, Tess, don't forget to take pictures.

john said...

It is great to see that your art is receiving such positive interest. The nest idea is just wonderful. Good luck with your shows.