Thursday, March 27, 2014

The Mayor of St Albert and a young viewer talking about the exhibition.

Isn't the young lady in the video sweet! I love it when young viewers talk about my work, I find it exciting. Did I ever tell you it was because of a young 8 year old viewer of my work at an exhibition at Kings University in Edmonton that really got me into studying, watching, photographing and painting birds as a major part of my art practice. I love youth, they are so inspiring.

Anyhow, at King's I had a memorial painting of my father with birds in it and this young lady stood looking at it for so long I had to ask what she saw "its alive, its so alive" was her comment. Well I was hooked, her words meant more to me than any spoken that night, in fact thats about all I really remember of the evening. As all things change my art practice has evolved to include 3.5 years of making hand-built birds nests, the irony of which no bird will ever nest in. Yet I can attribute it all back to that one comment which inspired me to learn about birds. So you can imagine how excited I am to see this young viewer talking about my work, yes, I am ecstatic!


Red said...

It's always beneficial when you can have a conversation with the viewers or readers.

Carol Blackburn said...

Tess, that is so special. She is a cutie and just could possibly become a great artist someday. She certainly seems to know quite a bit about art already. Congratulations!