Friday, April 4, 2014

community nest

So wonderful to see the large nest being added to. An interactive nest I designed for the exhibition. Viewers are invited to write on a piece of paper and thread it through the nest. If one does not wish to write they can weave supplied fabric or strings into the nest instead. I like the idea of audience participation, I believe it makes the "act or action of art" a communal venture.
Have a wonderful weekend, Hugs!

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Carol Blackburn said...

Hi Tess, I love your big nest idea. Yes, community interaction is great. At my first art fair I set up an easel with a large piece of Canson watercolor board and supplied water color markers. I divided the board into odd shapes and invited folk to draw or write something in one of the sections. I called it "Be A Part of a Work of Art." It went over really well. Gee, great minds think alike. I hope things are good with you.