Thursday, May 26, 2011

Art Gallery of St Albert, A good fit!

I delivered these three paintings last weekend to the St Albert Art Gallery and am pleased the beautiful waxwing painting sold right away, thank you.
I had a friend relay that my paintings look better in real life than what a computer can display. It is true something of the spirit, texture and impact of color are lost having to delete pixels for fast uploads, regardless it is a good tool to display what I accomplish. 

 Bohemian Waxwing "SOLD"

Raven Speak
Acrylic on canvas, 8x8, $269-

Savannah Sparrow
Acrylic on canvas 12x12, $379-

To purchase paintings contact the Art Gallery of St Albert 780-460-4310

On June 2nd I will be a profiled Art Walk artist in the Art Gallery of St Albert's satellite studio which is located a few doors down from the main public gallery in St Albert. Eight paintings will be displayed; two are fresh off the easel and have not been posted on the web yet. It will be a fun event as I will be working on a painting during the evening and get to meet wonderful art admirers and share my inspiration and joy of life around me. 
May you have a wonderful huggable weekend!
Hugs are warm and worth sharing.


john said...

Congrats on the quick sale. I really like these paintings with the warm reds and oranges. The raven ought to be quick to sell also.

Red said...

The waxwings are a work of art in their own way. Like the backgrounds you come up with to show the bird off.

tess stieben said...

Thank you both for your kind notes, the support is welcome and appreciated. I have completed another raven for the art walk venture which I will post next week. Its larger and also has the red/oranges.