Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Mothers Day Delights

On Sunday I got up early to spend time with my beautiful grand before we had to get the wheels rolling. When he was told Gramma had to leave he made a sad sound and crawled quickly across the floor to me, aww, I sure didn't want to leave then.

The rainy road home.
We decided to adventure on the way home and take in the Medicine River Wildlife Recovery Centre. Due my notes of approach from the south I got us a wee bit lost, not the first time and hopefully not the last as we tend to see things we never would if we stayed on the right track. Thanks to my most excellent sweetie he figured out my notes and got us there; its nice having a partner in life who "gets me".

At the centre Carol put on a ten min video about the rehabilitative and fostering work they accomplish, I had seen the video previous on-line though it was good to see it again as Gerald had not. We then chatted with Carol, asked a few questions and got to photograph these beautiful babies.
 These two baby Great Horned owls were removed from their nest at a busy airport for safety and are being fostered by unreleasable resident adults that can be seen in the background. Fostering is something that the Centre advocates so that animals can be released back to nature with wild senses intact. There were three owlets, one was happily placed in an active nest. These owlets were produced earlier than many active nests presently on the go making it difficult for staff to find age appropriate nests to place them.
 Looking up and enjoying the rain that is filtering down. This young lady put on quite the show for us.

 Don't you just love the baggy MC Hammer pantaloons.

 Quite a bit of color difference between the two youngsters, so beautiful.

 I feel privileged watching these two owlets flexing and strutting under the rain drops while the foster parents stayed under shelter.

Tired out after all that exercise.  Cuddle time! 
Even owlets need hugs from time to time.

 This is Otis, he is a well traveled mascot who goes into schools and teaches youth about caring for and about wildlife.

 Female Grackle with injured wing.

We were informed that  Porcupine like to cuddle as well, ouch.

Male Pintail duck.

"High 5 turtle"

Two hours later upon leaving the centre we made tomato sandwich in the car as it was still raining. then got the wheels rolling and at the cross road, I squealed, poor Gerald's ears putting up with an excitable adventurer. 
Moose on the loose.

Hope you all have a wonderful day, big Hugs!
we all need them!

P.S. more paintings are posted on teresa stieben art, click on link in the right panel to view them out.


Carol Blackburn said...

Great shots, Teresa.....especially love the owlets snuggling, soooo cute.

Red said...

Great post on the MRWC. Carol is an excellent host. I forgot her name one time when I was introducing her and she's never let me forget it. She's a real tease.
Tremendous work is being done at the center.

Gary Keimig said...

great photos Teresa. Lots of good reseach there.