Sunday, July 24, 2011

Bloggers meet at art exhibition.

The exhibition at Marjorie Wood Gallery in Red Deer was a blast. My show apparently had two openings, one on friday eve and one where I was present on sat July 9th. Wonderfully olde friends came to view and bought two beautiful butterfly paintings; thank you so much dear ones. May the butterflies forever brighten each day.

I excitedly met the kind blogger who suggested I apply at the Kerry Wood Nature Centre, I say excitedly as staff informed me they heard me squeal when we met. Thank you Keith, I appreciate your taking the time to attend.
Here we are, two Alberta bloggers posing for my delightful daughter whom kindly snapped photos. Of course I am the one dressed in brown. My children drove a couple hours to be present and give generous support, thank you to my son and daughter.
Many viewed the paintings with intensity and left with a smile. For some memories were triggered, for others inspiration surfaced. Some people came specifically to view the show and meet the artist and others who had come to the Centre to walk the grounds were surprised to find fifty paintings on display.
Each one who attended made the day extra special.
 The staff at Kerry Woods are all so wonderful, and I must say a great job was done in the arranging of all the work, whew, what a job. I used to be employed by Galleries and know that it takes a fair amount of work and a good eye to hang an exhibition, especially one of this size.
 It has been a busy time. The following day we went to Medicine River Wildlife Centre to take behind the scene photos of injured birds. Then once home we packed our camping gear and headed west to Jasper, oh how I love being in the mountains. One week and over 4000 images to sort through, I am definitely trigger happy. Next post will be on the Nations of Jasper camp and totem raising.
May your days be filled with the warmth and brightness of a hug. 


Carol Blackburn said...

Wow Tess, must be great to see your work hanging like that and so many people admiring it. Looks like you had a great time. So nice to have family support, isn't it. Enjoy your day.

john said...

I'm glad to hear about your successful show, and I really look forward to seeing your photos of Jasper.

Red said...

As always I enjoy your posts. You have a neat way of sneaking things in. I enjoyed my visit with you and you had a fine show. The Marjory Wood Gallery is a great little place. I would like to see more traffic through it. Staff had a tip that I hadn't met you before so I guess they were curious. Of course, I've known them for a long time.

tess stieben said...

Carol it is fantastic to display a few years work for the public to enjoy.

John I hope to get Jasper images up soon.

Well Red I have been doing my best to "talk" the Centre Up as it is a gem for sure.

Hugs and thank you all.