Friday, July 1, 2011

When up to your eyeballs in baby-spit

These images taken tuesday night through a dirty window after a heavy evening rainstorm in waning light. 
Two babies who had earned their flight wings momentarily landed, then another parent landed and took off with the two babies in tow. This baby robin couldn't fly and stayed right close with its parent. Yesterday I noticed this one acquiring some wing flapping lift, enough to get it into the low branches to climb higher in the trees, so by today I figure it should be flying.

Hugs, and have a wonderful day!


Red said...

Good story and photos.
Now you get me thinking. Humans have done similar things before modern baby food. Mothers partially cheewed food for an infant. It was not exchanged orally as far as I know , but maybe in some cultures it was?

Robin Robinson said...

Nice series of images. I never tire of the "robin" story. Ha ha! They are such fighters for life it's amazing to me every time I see the process

tess stieben said...

Bird rehab places get more Robins than need be as many people do not realize the babies leave the nest before they can fly and spend about a week grounded before attaining their flight wings.
Makes me sad for the parent birds that continually chirp searching for young who have been abducted.