Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Chickadee x2

Blackcap Chickadee
Acrylic on canvas 8"x10"

Ball-o-Fluff, Boreal Chickadee
Acrylic on canvas 8"x8"

 These two chickadee paintings were finished just before the Red Deer exhibition. I have been posting a lot of photos lately, though aside from the last few weeks I have been painting. This is the time of year when I take a lot more reference photos as withe warmer weather its much easier for me to get out for walks. We went for a wonderful stroll tonight and what did I see?
 Shadow play with daisies.

Shadow play with young Magpie; poor thing was panting in the heat. I would guess that its not old enough to know to seek out a shady spot, though its sibling figured it out so hopefully this one followed.

Remnants of Canada Day, or should that be Kanata Day.

Baby Bluejays, ooo, they are so sweet. They were under a tree waiting patiently for the parent to bring yummy bugs for dinner. Its really amazing how parent birds keep track of juveniles once they start hopping about going different directions; these ones are pretty young and stayed put.

And on another happy note I have been invited to submit a painting for an upcoming group exhibition in Sept at Kings University in Edmonton. So fab, I am looking forward to that. Its wonderfully delightful to have my work appreciated. 
Big Hugs!


Carol Blackburn said...

Well, congratulations on the upcoming exhibit at Kings University. Yes, your work is appreciated, Tess. :)

tess stieben said...

Thank you Carol.

john said...

Love your chickadee paintings and photos. For years I hand painted birds, (mostly chickadees) on bird feeders. Tedious, but it paid the bills. I bet that I have painted 1000 chickadees, no exageration.
Now I can hardly force myself to paint a chickadee.
Good luck with your exhibit.

Red said...

Good mix of photos and paintings. It makes for an interesting post.

tess stieben said...

Thank you John, I don't think I will tire of painting birds, but then I am not an olde pro like you. I only started painting birds about five years ago and it has now become a passion.

Thank you Red, I am glad you enjoy my blog. It has become a way for me to keep track of what I accomplish as well as keep my hand into writing. I will be at Kerry Wood Nature Centre on saturday, 2-4 pm.