Sunday, July 3, 2011

Rainbow Story Teepee

Guard pug on watch duty at the rainbow story teepee Gerald and I made for our grandsons birthday.
Of course I never seem to be able to keep anything simple so this took eleven full days of cutting stitching and appliqué to create. Suppers were late, lunch got missed altogether some days, ahh the price of a creative rambling mind. Thank goodness I have a wonderful supportive spouse who honours my creativity by helping where he can and vacuuming up my mess of bits, threads and fabric dust.
I designed an applique pug and min-pin to be on permanent guard duty.  
 The stars and circles are a sheer material to let the light in.
Gerald took a few photos outside before loading the Teepee for our trip to the party. The poles are seven feet tall.
The door flaps are held open by way of buttons.
Looking up the smoke hole, see how I made sleeves for the poles to keep them in place. I also stitched the bottom of the pole sleeve shut so the poles would not scratch floors. Gerald drilled holes in each pole near the top and run a shoelace through the holes which make it easier to set up and fold in for storing when not in use. I do believe we need to get some small wooden beads to place between each pole at the top as we found that the string twisted a bit and I had to untie it and retie it so the sides would flare out.
its been a full crazily busy few weeks but I am sure it will give many hours of playtime fun.



Red said...

Always amazed at where you go to create something. Have had apeak at your Red Deer show. Have to take some more time.

tess stieben said...

I'm never short of ideas, my minds always churning. I am quite impressed with how they arranged the paintings. The staff has done a wonderful job. Hugs!