Wednesday, January 6, 2010

In The Pink

This acrylic on canvas painting, "In The Pink; Willet In Flight" was completed last month. I had difficulty photographing this one as well as "And The Thunder Was Heard". It seems mu SLR camera has trouble capturing the subtleties in shades of reds and hot pinks to my liking. It took many days of re-shooting to get images that I was happy with. Also I found that sunny days rather than overcast ones generate truer reds. I am not a techie but I figure it must have to do with how light travels through the atmosphere. Anyhow its a good thing to know when shooting the warm spectrum of color. But with it being winter here, its difficult to get the sun when I need it for photography as I only have a time window of one half to up to one hour (if I am lucky) when the light is just right, If I don't get it then I have to wait for the next sunny day. In the summer time I take my paintings outdoors to photograph in the shade out of direct light and that works wonderfully, but here the winter, like today it's -21, I'm staying indoors thank you. I don't bother anymore with setting up lights to photograph my work as I have found through my experience that lights alter the colors that bounce back, and as I paint in natural light I feel its best to photograph in natural light.

In the Pink; Willet In Flight

I have hung this one in my studio to brighten up my winter. It is for sale and will most likely be placed in my next exhibition. 


john said...

Enduring the dim light of winter is a major challenge for my photography as well. I use an inexpensive photo editing program, Arcsoft Photoexpressions. It was a small battle learning to use it, ( if you dont follow the right procedure, it freezes up your computer). With it , I can easily change color tones, ( mostly I de-saturate the colors), and I can lighten, or darken the paintings.

Renee Howell said...

Love this picture! Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting about the number of photos we both take - since digital doesn't take up physical space in a box somewhere. I use Picasa - works well. Received Photoshop CS4 - so am not trying to figure out what to learn first!