Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Name this bird

Yesterday and todays bird sketch. I have no clue as to the name of this bird. I took the reference photos in late summer. There were a lot of yellow warblers around at that time. This one has a bit of an orange topknot and very greenish tinged which contrasted greatly with the yellow head. Maybe it is a young yellow warbler as it does have the rusty side strips.


john said...

The sketches you made look like a Yellow Warbler to me. Maybe the bird looked different from the normal Yellow Warbler because it is a different sub-species than the predominate warblers in your area. Great sketches.

teresa stieben said...

thanks John, its sometimes difficult for me to distinguish between some birds. I have only been pursuing them for the last 3 years and have so much more to learn about identification. I am having fun thats for sure.