Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The serpent and the wren

I was riffling through my album and came across this photo that I took last summer while we were taking a break from driving and had stopped in Fort MacLoed. We parked across the street from the museum and decided to walk the path behind the Fort to stretch our legs. To my delight there was a small ravine that borders the pathway, so of course what was to be a quick pit stop ended up being more like an hour as I had spotted yellow warblers and marsh wrens feeding their young. When I got home and downloaded my images I was surprised to discover a garter snake to the right of the wren. Well I have since read that wrens will aggressively defend their territory against snakes looking for an easy meal of their young, so I am sure the wren fared well, the snake, maybe not so well, he was probably chased away hungry. (click on the photo to enlarge image for a closer view)

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john said...

Great shot. I think the snake is a Wandering Garter Snake. We will never know the outcome of that confrontation.