Sunday, January 24, 2010

Morning Coffee ritual

A few pine siskins trilled the dawn up, no sun though, its decided to take a day of rest behind the snow covers.

I enjoy sitting listening to the birds chorus the day into being while I sip my coffee giving thanks for all that graces my life.
I thank those who read my blog and leave notes for me, its such a good feel to share and be shared with, may all have an enjoyable week this week.

Hungry furry one chases away the birds, though they don't go far. He sure loves the seeds they drop; between him and a little mouse the fallen seeds are readily eaten. I've not seen the mouse but his tracks in the snow lead me to believe he lives underneath the planter. Last week his entrance was blocked with snow but by yesterday he had dug a tunnel that comes up much closer to the feeder. I was hoping to get a shot of the tracks leading to the hole but too much snow filled them up this morning before I had enough light to work with, maybe tomorrow.

Squabbling finches flap and flutter continually chasing each other away from the feeder as snow mists about them. Usually its the females that scrap the most though I have noticed the males are starting to get feistier now, could it be hormones starting to kick in? I must say the males red flash of tail and head are a cheerful note on drab cold snowy days. Theses shots are not very clear as I was shooting through a dirty window, ugh.

Female finch, notice the slight tint of rusty coloring on her back, it will brighten up and become redder more towards spring.

The males seem to be tinted red all year hear but do get brighter this time of year well into spring. There was a brilliant red one at the feeder this morning, but at 8 am there was not enough light to capture him.

Last year there was one male with orange rather than red coloring, I nicknamed him "Dale" after a childhood friend who had beautiful orange hair.

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