Sunday, February 27, 2011

Another Exhibition coming up

As mentioned previous I did not get the commission for the Children's Festival and am anxious to see what did get accepted, though I'm told they are keeping it under wraps till the official announcements later on in march.

On a wonderful note I owe a big thank you to Red of Hiawatha house
for giving me the heads up about applying to show at the Kerry Wood Nature Centre. I will be showing there this summer, wahoo! I decide to check a online dictionary and what do I find, as well being an exclamation of excitement wahoo is a north american burning bush, I'm hot now!

Or maybe cool as a  blue mackerel?
any of various American shrubs or small trees, as the winged elm, Ulmus alata, or a linden, Tilia heterophyl
a shrub or small tree, Euonymus atropurpurea, of North America, having finely serrated, elliptical leaves and pendulous capsules that in opening reveal the bright-scarlet arils of the seeds. Also called burning bush.
a large, swift mackerel, Acanthocybium solanderi, widespread in warm seas, of a steel blue to greenish blue above and silver below, often leaping from the water and occasionally schooling in great numbers: valued as a food and game fish. Also called peto.
Random House Unabridged Dictionary, Copyright © 1997, by Random House, Inc.
Read more: wahoo: meaning and definitions —

This gargoyle sits on the clock tower in St Albert. I have been wanting to photograph them for quite some time and yesterday as we were in St Albert dropping off another art proposal we took a few moments to admire them. It was COLD and Windy and Chilly so only snapped a few and jumped back into the warm vehicle.

It was quite a filled day as next we went to the farmers market to get Holden Colony chickens and eggs. I've found that using store bought chickens does not make for quality soup, the broth doesn't gel and is dull on the palate, Hutterite chickens on the other hand are wonderful, just like Mom used to raise. The boiled bones broth gels as it should and is very flavourful for soups. The eggs have hard shells as eggs should. Have you noticed that store bought egg shells shatter easily and end up a mess of bits when breaking them?
So it makes me wonder what have major producers done to reduce the quality of chickens and eggs so noticeably? Is it drugged feed full of antibiotics and grow-fast-crap and unnatural feed used in the industry to garner greater wealth over providing quality products?

These cuties were sitting outside the farmers market, again quick snapped shots as next we stop home to grab a slice of toast and jam and head out to the opening of the Terwilliger Sports Plex. Gerald needed to attend as bones of his ancestors dug out of Rosedale Flats aboriginal graveyard were dumped in the landfill that the sports-plex sits on, sad but true. 
I wandered while he listened to the speeches and then discoursed with MLAs. Someone asked me what my first impression was of the sports-plex. Well.... it was oh my hell, this is like a mall, coffee shops on each corner complete with hotdog sellers and junk food vending machines. Kinda an oxymoron isn't it!

Then my sweetie took me to Hawrelac park to check out the bird feeders I had a pressure headache and wanted to get a bit of air before going home.
Sweet little downey woodpecker posed nicely in the burst of strong light that appears at waning of day, gotta love it.
Big Hugs!

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Carol Blackburn said...

Hello Teresa, wow you were a busy the little woodpecker. We've had one here lately been coming around but just sits in the trees, too high to photo and laughs at me. I'll get him yet!