Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Birds at the suet

 Cheeky magpie, love the glint in his eye. The sun was out beautifully today and it warmed up with no wind so I was able to get out for a bit and enjoy a breath of fresh air so maggie was not shot through a window. I find magpies interesting birds, quite beautiful also. 

 Boreal chickadee at the suet. We had two come today. Taken through the window.
This one was taken while I was out today, you can see how much clearer detail is without double pane between the camera and subject. I had a bit of difficulty getting clear shot due branches in the way though I am pleased with this image of full song being belted out, and look how fluffed up e' is. 

 Feisty female finch attempting to chase off all the males at the feeder, this fella stood his ground though she did usurp three others. Poor lighting as it was taken at dusk last night.

 A male downey woodpecker has now found the suet.

Squirrel aerobics, too funny watching him try and reach the suet, he hasn't figured it out yet.

Heres Hunny bunny. I notice that his ears and nose stayed brown. We've noticed some jacks are half brown already, maybe it helps city bunnies to blend into the dirty snow and street gravel.


Red said...

The magpie is also a very intelligent bird.I once watched a magpie watch a blue jay hide a peanut. When the blue jay finished he looked around and was very proud of himself and flew off. The magpie immediately dug out the peanut.

Carol Blackburn said...

It's quite the critter-fest in your yard. Great shots.