Monday, February 21, 2011

first rejection letter of 2011

My creativity level was hampered a little this week as traipsing after owls through deep snow last weekend took me a bit to recover from. Sometimes it sucks to be a gimp, but the reality in life is everyone has something to deal with and in my case its not such a big deal. I am grateful to be able to walk even though I may need technical assistance and I do know my limits, but I choose to push them at times, especially to get such wonderful images as I did. So after dislocations and pain this week do I still feel it was worth it, Darn Right! An artist must create despite all odds.

Today I received the official rejection letter from the submission I sent to create pieces in conjunction with the Children's Festival. Its alright as the pay offered was really lousy and if I had gotten the commission they would have gotten way more than their monies worth. As it is I can now share my submission with you. In photoshop I altered butterfly photographs so they look more textile like. I then pigment printed each image onto quilters fabric and 24 hours later coated each image with acrylic gel to set the pigment to the cotton. Then I cut and sewed and in general had fun creating each as a individual hanging. The finish touch was to sew on antique buttons. The triangle hanger is recycled coat hangers. Wouldn't one of these look great hanging near the front door advertising the joy of spring/summer. I love the beauty and diversity in creation and I love diversity in creating. I am sure I will find a place where they would be happy to sell these for me. Each hanging is about 8 x 21 inches.


Spring is on its way, hugs and enjoy your day.
Oh ya, I also have good news of being accepted for a exhibition, which I will tell about that later.


Carol Blackburn said...

Well, I guess when one door closes sometimes a window of opportunity does open..........hmmmm! These are beautiful, Teresa.

teresa stieben said...

I believe they are just meant for some other cause and its all great fun using my photography in alternative ways. thanks for your kind comments.

Red said...

So you win some and you lose some. I think ist would really suck to have something rejected after you have poured your heart and soul into it.
Saw magpies today carryinf sticks so they are nest building.
Were the owls you went after on nests?

teresa stieben said...

The hawk owl was near a nest but no mate seen, unless it was hunkered down in the nest.
We were looking for snowy owls but didn't spot any. I heard snowys have been spotted east of Calgary this year so thought we might get lucky if we went east of Edmonton.