Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Bikes and Art

Yesterday Gerald drove me to drop off my submission for the Bike Art Auction, I completed a couple of digital paintings which I pigment printed then framed simply. This event sounds like its going to be fun, I hope we can attend. We talked briefly with a fella at the shop, I asked if they make special bikes for people with disabilities and he said they have and would be willing to see what they could do to assemble one for me; a trike maybe?
I sure do miss bike riding and it would be wonderful to be able to wheel around the block again. I am seriously considering going in for a discussion about the possibilities. I gave away a beautiful old bike a few years back as I had not the strength left in my knees to ride a standard bike and every spring I wistfully dream about it.

Summer Dream
To dream, to fly, to ride the winds with spokes whirling, leaves dancing in my wake
Dream, dream to remember, to smile at simpler joys past gone
Dream is the key to hold fast to the heart
The joins are weak, unreliable
So I dream
       the wind on my face

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