Friday, February 11, 2011

Change can be good

Spring Blossoms; Goldfinch
12x8 inches
I previously posted this image months ago but since added a few more leaves at the top right and the green bars. The bars in my initial drawing are positioned at the bottom right. Months back I spent quite a bit of time painting bars in and wiping them out until finally set aside the painting though leaving it hang in my view. The problem initially was with using white and yellow in the bar strokes which drew the eye away from the bird. Recently I went back in without hesitation and finished up the piece to satisfaction for now the bars stop the eye and give the painting a bit of distinction from being a general bird and flowers motif. This painting will hang in one of my up-an-coming shows. You notice the difference in color between the two images? The turquoise in the actual painting is a closer match to the lower image which was photographed outside in the shade on a sunny day; the more recent version was photographed last week indoors, showing me how much quality and quantity of light makes a difference.


Carol Blackburn said...

Very beautiful, Teresa. Can Spring be far away? I sure hope not.

Red said...

Surprising what a change a small adjustment makes. Surprising too how long you mull things over before you're finished.