Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Alberta Deer set up shady mens club

Old memories of a not so distant past lie abandoned throughout the plains.
Here are a few interesting shot taken on our camping trip. We stopped to photograph an old timber barn and received a pleasant surprise. Out of the barn came this small 3 point buck who quickly bolted around the corner. Inside the barn we noticed a large 3 point buck and a large 4 point buck. Of course in my excitement I forgot I had the camera on manual and started shooting without making the necessary adjustments, at least I got a few images that show the one large buck still inside. And luck would have it the smaller buck came back around the corner to take a second look at the heat crazed photographer before ambling off with a young doe who had been resting nearby in the shade of a small shed.
A young osprey on nest near the Waterton reservoir.
Small black bear that crossed the road in front of the van, I had the telephoto lens on so captured a good portrait. Gerald got a good full figure shot of the bear from his window as it ventured toward us. It looks bigger in my photo than it was, in fact he was quite a small bear, maybe a yearling?
A portrait of a church, from a church. Dorthy Alberta. This little community near Drumheller is renovating the churches, I only went in the one as the other was too musty smelling and gave me the creeps. There was also an old log cabin with an outhouse out back. I asked Gerald if he checked it out to see if it was in working order but he said "no" that he only photographed it from outside (the big chicken, lol).

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