Saturday, September 12, 2009

Mountain flowers and a fawn that went to town.

Wild roses, the plants in the mountains were about 6 inches tall yet had the most beautiful blossoms on them. I was surprised at how many flowers were blooming in the mountains when we went.
I have not a clue what this flower is but I love the feathery look. This fawn was with three others wandering around Waterton town-tourist-trap, we only stopped to photograph the fawn then went to check out Cameron Lake as I had no interest in touring the town. we walked along the lake which is where I photographed the spider web. As for the yellow flowers with the round reddish middle I cannot remember where I captured them, but it may have been by the red-rock canyon area.
I was happy to get the sunlight streaming through the shade of the trees to light up this beautiful web that glistened so. The reflected colors are tantalizing. I was thinking that spiders make wonderful natural mandalas. Camrose Art Center is having a show of Mandalas next week, maybe I should send Jane this photo to hang, it would be an interesting take on the theme. and speaking of shows My exhibition is now hung at The Kings University College in Edmonton, the opening is on sat the 26 of Sept. I will post more about it this upcoming week.

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