Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Camping adventures to art show adventures.

Invite to my exhibition which is presently at The Kings University College in Edmonton.
This is the canyon walk by Canyon Campground in Peter Lougheed Park. It was a great campsite. I love being in the mountains. I miss them already. This little bird is a Dipper, first time I was able to get such close shots. Fun little bird to watch as they wade into the stream dipping their heads into the rushing water to catch a meal. They even dive into and swim in the deeper pools. My bird book says they walk under water, an amazing feat for a rotund little bird that looks like it should just bob-an-float. The day before we watched a Dipper fishing in a fast moving stream waterfall, amazing bird. The stream the dipper was working.Beautiful flowers clinging to the cliff-side. I loved how the water shines as it trickles down the rock face. Nature is amazing.Smile and have a great day.

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