Tuesday, September 8, 2009

camping round Alberta.

I said I would post some more camping round Alberta shots, so here are a few more from the Drumheller area, enjoy!It always amazes me how little soil is needed to grow flowers in Creations garden.

Sunset over the old train tressel.

Setting sun smiling on the tourist hoodoos. I am glad we went in the evening as by 10am the next morning the place was swarming with people.

Flicker in cottonwood tree at the Kokepelli campsite, they don't allow any music or singing in the campsite other than what the birds bring. I must admit it was real nice to hear birdsong in the morning and the evening. This by far was the cleanest well kept campsite of the whole trip.

This crazy creature was hot-footing it across the sandstone cliffs, boy could it move.


Anonymous said...

Hey I think I was there??? lol

teresa stieben said...

You must have been the other crazy one hot-footing across the hillside!