Thursday, September 17, 2009

Life and death in the fast lane.

Double headed flower with two bees head to head, I thought this was an interesting shot.
I love bunch-berries that have a nice rosy glow to them, they were in abundant bloom in the mountains.

Young hawk on hay bales and one of the parents on fence post. It's been wonderful and at times sad to watch family groups of hawks on our travels. They tend to have very strong social bonds. There were two parent birds and two young at this location. One parent had blood on its feet so likely recently had a meal of gopher or maybe rabbit.
Past the reservoir towards Pincer Creek we spotted two hawks sitting on the highway. They did not lift off as we neared so due the unusual behavior I though one was injured and the other was keeping close by. I asked Gerald to stop the car. When I opened the car door one took flight and as I walked towards the other it also took flight when I was about ten feet away. Confused I told Gerald I guess I was wrong. So Gerald took a stroll down the road and found that a young hawk had been killed and was just off the road in long grass. So I was right about the strange behavior, the parents were in grief and were staying by their young. Sad that their grief also put them in jeopardy of getting hit by a vehicle.

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Anonymous said...

Its amazing that you stopped to see what the birds were up to. I would of drove right on by. I guess you are more observant then I. Nice pics by the way.